04 Dec 2023

In the heart of Bucks County, PA, a journey of transformation and renewal awaits those committed to a sober lifestyle. At Acceptance House, we offer more than just a roof over your head; we provide a nurturing community where new beginnings are not just a dream, but a reality. This post delves into the unique […]

08 Sep 2023

In the journey of recovery, the environment plays a pivotal role. At Acceptance House, we’ve crafted our sober living homes to be more than just a place to stay; they are sanctuaries of comfort and care, designed to support and enhance the journey to sobriety. Let’s delve into the heartwarming amenities that make our homes […]

 Embracing a Sober Summer: Fun Activities for Individuals in Recovery Introduction: Embracing a Sober Summer: Fun Activities for Individuals in Recovery. Summer is a season of warmth, sunshine, and vibrant energy. It’s a time when people often engage in social gatherings, parties, and outdoor adventures. For individuals in early recovery, the summer season can be […]

What is People Places and Things?   In recovery from addiction, individuals often face a variety of challenges that can make it difficult to maintain their sobriety and build a fulfilling life. Three of the most important life skills that individuals in recovery must learn are “People, Places, and Things.” People First, “People” refers to […]

07 Mar 2023

Is Alcoholism Genetic? Understanding the DNA behind Alcoholism Many studies done by notable universities, experts in alcoholism and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse have shown genetics could lead an individual to alcoholism and alcohol dependency. However, there is no one single gene that predisposes a person to alcoholism. Instead, there are a variety of […]

17 Feb 2023

Twelve Step Recovery Process: Helping Parents Make Amends in Recovery In the Twelve Step recovery process you must recognize how your behavior has harmed others and seek to repair the damage caused to children, family members and friends during your active addiction. Step Eight and Step Nine of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) call this “making amends” […]

18 Oct 2022

Don’t Stress the Holiday Season: Coping Tips to Avoid Relapse The holiday season is quickly approaching, which can be filled with all kinds of stress, especially for those in recovery from drug addiction or alcohol use disorder. An unexpected event or emotion can easily trigger cravings. Without the proper tools and stability, relapse during the […]

20 Sep 2022

Why it is Necessary to End Harmful Relationships with Drug & Alcohol Users for Long-Term Recovery Men and women recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol must actively work to protect their sobriety. While it is not required for newly sober people, cutting ties with old friends who still regularly participate in drug and alcohol […]

13 Sep 2022

Key Reasons to Volunteer as Part of your Recovery Journey People adjusting to a sober life must find fun, productive and interesting ways to spend their free time. Healthy hobbies like exercise, art, meditation and volunteering allow you to manage your free time and avoid triggers that could lead to relapse. Incorporating community volunteer work […]

24 May 2022

Don’t Leave Your Sober Living House: Importance of Staying Committed You’ve successfully completed a residential treatment plan at a rehabilitation center and have transitioned into your sober living home. Whether you’ve been there for a few weeks or coming onto the three-month mark, you may be wondering: how do I know if I’m ready or […]