20 Sep 2022

Why it is Necessary to End Harmful Relationships with Drug & Alcohol Users for Long-Term Recovery

Men and women recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol must actively work to protect their sobriety. While it is not required for newly sober people, cutting ties with old friends who still regularly participate in drug and alcohol activity is a necessary step in the recovery process. While this may seem difficult, the reality is these people put your sobriety at risk and could put you in dangerous situations that may trigger a relapse. Let’s take a closer look at why ending harmful relationships is important for recovery and the benefits of establishing supportive, sober friendships.

Risks of Maintaining Harmful Relationships in Recovery

Ending relationships with friends and family members who use drugs & alcohol is not required, but it is important to understand the risks of keeping them in your sober life.

Relapse: The first and most obvious is the risk of relapsing. Especially during the beginning stages of recovery, it can be very easy to slip back into old ways. If you’re hanging around the same people you used to party with, you’re very likely to find yourself in a difficult situation that compromises your sobriety.

Poor Mental Health: Trying to maintain these harmful relationships now that you’re sober can cause a lot of stress, negativity, peer pressure, anxiety and depression. These negative feelings can lead you to compromise your commitment to recovery.

Lack of Support: Those who are deep in a life of substance abuse are unable to share your new mindset about life and sobriety. In fact, they may even encourage you to return to using drugs.

Difficulties Adjusting to Sober Living: Surrounding yourself with drugs and alcohol on a regular basis puts you in a very dangerous and compromising situation. You may not be far along enough in your recovery to continuously say no to the temptations right under your nose.

Importance of Spending Time with Sober Friends

An important part of the recovery process is to develop relationships with like-minded, sober and supportive people. These types of friendships are necessary to maintain long-term sobriety and feel fulfilled in recovery. Some of the main reasons to develop sober friendships include:

  • They provide support, encouragement and motivation
  • Provide helpful advice based on their own experience in addiction, treatment and recovery
  • Share a similar lifestyle and prioritize sobriety, wellness and healthy relationships
  • Introduce you to new sober activities and hobbies

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