27 Aug 2021

Debunking Common Myths & Misconceptions about Relapse

Acceptance House Sober Living Common Relapse Myths DebunkedThe road to long-term sobriety looks different for every person struggling with substance abuse disorder. While you’re working your 12-step program, attending meetings and going to life coach or therapy sessions you are likely aware that you’re always one step small away from a relapse. Misconceptions and myths surrounding relapse are extremely damaging and can even increase the likelihood of a person falling back to their addiction lifestyle. Acceptance House Sober Living, a recovery house in Bucks County, PA, is here to debunk the top five common relapse myths and keep you on the path of long-term sobriety.

5 Relapse Myths We’re Going to Debunk

There’s Nothing You Can Do to Prevent Relapse

Debunked: This is absolutely false. Throughout your stay in rehabilitation your therapists, coaches and sponsor have taught you the proper coping skills to deal with urges and help you during moments of temptation. You are strong. If you find yourself in a moment of weakness reach out to your support system.

A Sober Living Home Won’t Help Prevent Relapse

Debunked: There are many benefits to transition from rehab to a sober living house, especially when it comes to maintaining your goal of sobriety long-term. Besides living in a drug & alcohol-free environment, a sober living home is affordable, provides a network of sober resources and allows for a slow & highly successful transition into the community.

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If You Relapse, You’re Not Fully Committed to Recovery

Debunked: The reality is, according to the national Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 – 60% of those in recovery can relapse within the first year. When not careful, even the most dedicated people can quickly slip if they’re not careful. A relapse is not a failure, but you must always be conscious of triggers, maintain accountability and keep a strong connection to your sober support group.

It’s Ok to Casually Use – As Long As It’s Not “Hard” Drugs

Debunked: When you first made the decision to enter rehabilitation, you chose to remain dedicated to a life free of drugs & alcohol. Having just one alcoholic drink or puff of marijuana is detrimental to your sobriety. If you start having these thoughts this is a sign you need additional support through therapy, a support group or a recovery program.

If you Relapse, You Have Failed

Debunked: Addiction recovery is one of the hardest battles to overcome and it takes a lifetime of daily dedication to stay on track. Relapse is NOT failure. You are NOT a failure.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, visit our recovery housing resources page or reach out to our partners at Silver Linings Recovery Center at 1-855-960-3769. For more information and helpful resources, read our guide to Daily Addiction Relapse Prevention Tips.

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