11 Mar 2021

Benefits of an All Women’s Sober Living Home

Acceptance House Sober Living Benefit of All Women's Sober Living FacilitiesThe benefits of a sober living house are clear when it comes to transitioning from a treatment facility back into the real world. Gender specific environments play an even larger role in the recovery process. All men or all women’s sober living homes provide highly specific therapy sessions, care and guidelines which allows you to transition back into society more successfully. Acceptance House Sober Living offers the top 5 benefits of living in a women’s sober living house.

5 Benefits of Staying in a Women’s Sober Living Facility

Create Honest Friendships: Due to shared experiences and adversities, relationships begin to form on a deeper, more honest level in a women’s sober living home. At the end of your stay, the women you’ve shared the home with become more like a family. These friendships are invaluable tools to foster and maintain after you leave sober living.

No Romantic Involvements: Romantic relationships can have a negative impact on recovery for heterosexual men and women. Relationships tend to be a distraction from your ultimate goal: continue your journey to a healthy life without relying on drugs or alcohol. Gender specific sober living facilities eliminate this distraction until you’re ready to form healthy relationships that are not codependent.

Building Support & Resources: The support system you build and the resource network you discover is a crucial part of overcoming addiction and maintaining long term sobriety. During your stay in a treatment center, you likely already started to form a support system of people you know and trust. In a women’s only sober living home you will continue to build this network and form lasting friendships.

Develop Day to Day Schedule: Every sober living home has rules and guidelines put in place not only to help you maintain sobriety, but also to help women develop a productive day-to-day schedule.

Find Long-Term Healing: The social consequences women must face when they get sober can be much more devastating compared to a man’s experience. Often times, women lose custody of a child and lack of support from their family. Sharing these difficulties with other women in similar situations can help with the healing process and to maintain lasting sobriety.

Empowering Environment for Women to Stay Sober

While all of the benefits highlighted above are important to long term sobriety, the most important factor remains the empowering environment all women’s sober living facilities provide. Free of judgment and the stigma of addiction, a gender specific sober living home allows women to uplift each other and offer support and strength. If you’re questioning whether you’re ready for the transition, see the signs it’s time to move to a sober housing.

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