09 Jul 2021

Tips to Afford Sober Living without Insurance

Acceptance House Sober Living How to Pay for Sober Living Home without InsuranceGenerally speaking, transitional housing is not considered treatment and is usually not covered under most health insurance plans. However, with drug and alcohol addiction becoming a national crisis in American, legislations make it likely there is some coverage available, always confirm with your provider. If you do not currently have any form of coverage it is still possible to afford sober living without insurance. Acceptance House Sober Living offers several ways it is possible to continue your recovery even if you lack health insurance. 

6 Creative Ways to Pay for Sober Living Housing without Insurance

Direct Payments: Residents at a sober living home are encouraged to get a job, which will help them earn money to pay for rent, groceries and any other household amenities. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you can directly pay rent to your sober living home.

Crowdfunding: GoFundMe and other such crowdfunding websites are amazing tools to raise money for your addiction recovery. Simply sign up for an account and write a brief synopsis of your journey so far and the path you wish to continue down as a reason for friends/family and strangers to donate to your sobriety.

Sliding-Scale Costs: If you and your family are facing financial hardships, sliding-scale fees take this into consideration when charging for services. Talk to the admissions professional at your preferred sober living house to see how they can help.

Personal Loan: Some personal loans offer 0% interest or low-rate fixed payments for 12 months or more. Use a financial comparison website like NerdWallet to see the best options you’re qualified for.  

Family Resources: If you’ve shown commitment to long-term sobriety by completing detoxification and a treatment program your family may feel comfortable lending you the money or paying for your treatment.

Ministry & Nonprofit Contributions: Many local churches and organizations offer financial assistance to those looking to maintain sobriety through a sober living home. Besides donations, some transitional houses are run by these nonprofit groups and offer low-cost rental facilities.

Funding Long-Term Addiction Recovery

No matter what solution you come up with to cover the cost of sober living without insurance, the most important thing is to continue your path to long-term sobriety. If you’re not sure how you can afford rent at your prospective transitional home, speak to the admissions department at your current treatment facility or call Acceptance House Sober Living at 856-465-7310. We’re dedicated to helping men and women in Bucks County, PA maintain a sober life and offer many cost-effective options.

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