09 Dec 2022

Don’t set your New Year up for Failure, Bulletproof your Resolutions

Acceptance House Sober Living Tips to Keep your New Year's ResolutionsIn our last blog post, we provided 8 attainable New Year’s resolutions for those in addiction recovery. Whether you’re newly sober, ready to get help or just want to cut back on your alcohol intake, resolutions give us goals to achieve in the new year and beyond. But, often, setting the goals is the easy part and actually sticking to them is our biggest challenge. This year, ask yourself an important question before setting your New Year’s resolutions: How can I create a meaningful goal that I will keep? Acceptance House Sober Living provides helpful tips to stick to your resolution whether they have to do with sobriety or achieving a happier, healthier life.

5 Ways to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions this Year

Pick something you actually want to do.
Yes, you may need to get sober, eat healthier and save more money, but these usually fall into place when we are in a good mental headspace. Instead, focus on things you want to do and allow the rest to fall into place.

  • Will yoga or meditation be more meaningful than a gym membership?
  • Will giving back to the community help you feel accomplished?

Do something that is personal and meaningful.

Be specific.
Instead of a generic goal like “I want to lose weight,” set something more specific like “I will cook 3 healthy recipes per week.” When you are specific in your goals it increases your chances of success and continuing it long-term.

Break down resolutions into smaller, achievable goals.
While your long-term goal may be to lose 20 pounds, that can seem like an intimidating number to start. Instead, try losing 2 pounds per month for 2 months, then upping your monthly goal.

Stay the course.
Remind yourself of the goals and why you chose to set them in the first place. Write resolutions on sticky notes and hang them throughout your house. Consider asking a friend to join in with you as an accountability partner.

Stay inspired.
Making a lifestyle change can be very difficult, but it is important to remind yourself of the bigger picture. Refer to books, online forums and like-minded friends that can keep you inspired all year long.

Set your new year up for success by choosing meaningful and actionable goals that will improve your overall health and well-being. Commit yourself to small, attainable benchmarks throughout the year to bring real change to your life.

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