16 Feb 2022

How a Healthy Diet can Help you with Addiction Recovery

Acceptance House Sober Living Benefits of a Healthy Diet in Addiction RecoveryThere are many things former addicts will learn as they navigate through the long-term recovery process. Therapy will help to reveal the underlying issues to your addiction, but you’ll need other tools, hobbies & interests to ensure you don’t fall back into a life of drugs and alcohol. A balanced, healthy diet and exercise are a critical component to living a healthy, addiction free lifestyle. After years of drugs consuming your body, you may be lacking key vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Learn how a healthy diet is important to your addiction recovery journey.

6 Benefits of a Healthy Diet in Addiction Recovery

Develop Healthier Organs: By making an effort to improve your overall healthy, your vital organs are also regenerating healthier cells and becoming stronger! Hydration, diet, exercise and vitamins will keep your body’s organs in tiptop shape!

Fight off Infections: When your vital organs and overall health are in top condition your body is stronger and can easily fight off minor infections like a sore throat or the common cold.

Increased Energy: Nutrient deficiencies can jeopardize your success because you lack motivation and energy. Notably, an iron deficiency is known to cause apathy and abnormal fatigue. Iron-rich foods to eat include beef, chicken, shrimp, spinach, string beans, strawberries and beans.

Social Eating Promotes Healthy Relationships: Studies have shown that people, especially children, greatly benefit from eating meals with friends, family and loved ones. When you start to develop healthy relationships, you become more grounded in your sobriety.

Stabilizing Mood: When you look good and feel good you have more overall confidence. Diet and exercise are known give you a more positive outlook on life and give you the confidence to overcome difficult tasks.

Improve Focus: The ability to focus on your daily tasks and long-term goals is vital to your long-term recovery. A healthy diet can improve focus and mental awareness, whereas nutrient deficiencies make you vulnerable to distractions.

It is important to invest in your overall health to stick to your goal of long-term recovery. Mind, body and spirit each work together, it is vital to make a daily investment to all facets of your health. Start a new hobby, join a local gym and get your daily intact of vitamins & nutrients. All of these factors combined can aid in your ability to stick to your recovery.

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