03 Jan 2022

Fun Sober Activities & Hobbies to try this Winter

Acceptance House Sober Living Winter Sober Activities to TryOnce the excitement of the holiday season has passed and the frigid cold of winter starts to settle in it is easy to become bored, anxious and isolated. Those who are struggling or have struggled with addiction in the past know this can be a dangerous place for those in recovery. If Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is triggering your cravings for drugs or alcohol you need fun, fulfilling, sober hobbies to get you out of the house and occupy your time! Whether you want to pick up a new hobby or rediscover your love for something you haven’t done in a while, these winter sober activities are sure to cheer the blues! Acceptance House Sober Living provides just a few hobbies you can pick up to get you through until the warmth of spring finally arrives.

Beat the Winter Blues with these 5 Sober Hobbies

Work on a 1,000 Piece Puzzle: There are many mental health benefits to building a puzzle and the end game is so rewarding! Sitting down to put a puzzle together not only gives you a break from the stressors or triggers in your life, but it can improve memory, increase IQ and provides a mental exercise for the left & right side of your brain.

Get Ready to Show off your Summer Bod: Whether you want to lose a few pounds or you want to incorporate exercise into your daily routine the winter is the perfect time to start! You’ll have plenty of time to try different methods to see what works for you with results just in time for the warmer weather. You can join a local gym, invest in a bike/treadmill or search through YouTube for at-home videos. Get ready for the warmer weather with these 5 sober spring activities.

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Learn a New Hobby: Cooking, baking, bowling, sewing, video games, journaling/writing and more can all be enjoyed inside your warm home!

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(Re)Discover your Love of Reading: Few things are more relaxing than curling up on the couch with a good book, a blanket and a cup of hot tea/coco or coffee. Reading self-help, non-fiction or even magazines reduces stress, fights depression symptoms and prevents cognitive decline.

Join a 12-Step Meeting, Group Therapy Session or Recovery Group: Expand your recovery support network by joining a new meeting. Whether through Zoom or in person, this allows you to connect with others in recovery in your area.

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