08 Apr 2022

Spring Has Sprung: Enjoy the Sunshine with these Spring Sober Activities

Acceptance House Sober Living Outdoor Sober Spring ActivitiesSpring is the season of renewal & fresh starts, making it the perfect season to reset your energy and refocus on the positives. Dust off the winter blues, get outside and start discovering some new spring sober activities. If you are in recovery, you know how important it is to stay occupied and feel safe in your sobriety journey. Get your friends together to help you participate in some fun new spring sober activities now that the weather is finally getting warmer.

5 Sober Activities Perfect for Warmer Springtime Weather

Explore a New Hiking Trail: Pennsylvania and New Jersey offer hundreds of hiking trails for any level! The directory below highlights all the trails in your area and you can filter by length, difficulty, etc. Get out and explore the local land this spring (while getting in some great exercise).

Discover Trails in your Area

Volunteer: Every season is a good season to volunteer your time to people, animals and organizations in needs. Ask your church if their food pantry needs weekend help, volunteer at your local shelter to take the dogs out for a walk or ask other members in your group meetings if they know anywhere in need of volunteers. Even one Saturday a month can go a long way to helping others.

Plant a Garden: Whether you want to grow fruits & vegetables or beautiful flowers, a garden will keep you occupied all spring and summer long. You can start slow with a few plants of tomatoes on you back porch or go all out and install a garden bed in your backyard.

Deep Clean your House: While it may not be a “fun activity,” there is something so rewarding about spending a full day cleaning the house from top to bottom. After a long winter season, spend the weekend with the windows open and get to work scrubbing away the dust that collected over those long dreary months.

Learn a New Recipe (and perfect it): Chances are you’re going to be invited to a lot of backyard barbecues once the summer kicks off. Have a go-to recipe ready & perfected if your friends ask you to bring something to the party. This is a great alternative to avoid the pressure of bringing alcoholic beverages.

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