18 Mar 2021

Exercise Activities to Incorporate into Daily Addiction Recovery Lifestyle

Acceptance House Sober Living Addiction Exercise Activities to Maintain Lasting SobrietyYou’re newly sober and your life has changed for the better in every way imaginable. Through hard work, therapy and meetings, your mind and spirit are free and clear now that you’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But it is also important to incorporate some physical exercise activities into your daily life to help keep your sobriety on track. Maintaining physical health with regular exercise is a very important part of your overall recovery process. If you’re new to working out and are not sure where to start, below are the 6 best addiction exercise activities to help you maintain long term sobriety.

6 Exercise Activities to Help through Addiction Recovery

Hiking: Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey offer a plethora of hiking trails that range from beginner, intermediate and moderate for all levels to enjoy. While hiking is a great form of exercise, it is also a relaxing activity that allows you to connect with and appreciate nature.

Water Sports: Surfing, canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling are all fun forms of exercise that can be done right at our local beaches and waterways!

Yoga: Not only does yoga improve strength, balance and flexibility, but it also connects you with a supportive community (expanding your sobriety resource network) and helps you manage stress. Yoga is one of the best exercise activities to help you maintain sobriety.

Dancing: There are many forms of exercise that involve dance from Zumba classes to HITT-Cardio Workouts, Barre classes and dance cardio videos. No matter what kind of style of music or dance experience you have, this is a great exercise to incorporate into your fitness routine.

Strength Training: If you’re looking to focus on strengthening and defining your muscles then strength training is the perfect workout routine for you. Beginners can simply use their own body weight and progress to free-weight and weight machines as you build strength. You can start strength training at home or join a local gym.

Join a Sports Team: Many people recovering from addition thrive in a structured group setting, which makes organized sports teams a great option! There are recreational leagues available for all ages in basketball, hockey, football, tennis or more.

Importance of Exercise for Long Term Sobriety

Incorporating exercise into your daily life will not only help you maintain structure, but it also alleviates stress and negative emotions like anxiety or depression. Working out & maintaining a healthy diet are very simple sober activities that men and women in the recovery process should start in order to promote recovery and minimize cravings.

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