15 Oct 2021

Strengthen your Addiction Recovery with a New Creative Outlet

Acceptance House Sober Living Fun Creative Addiction Recovery ActivitiesWhen you’re in the spirals of an addiction to drugs and alcohol your entire life revolves around the need for these substances. Once you’ve decided on the path to addiction recovery it is so important to find sober interest and hobbies; boredom is one of the biggest reasons of relapse. While exercise, maintaining a household, meetings and a job fill a lot of your time, finding a creative addiction recovery outlet gives you a healthy means to express your emotions.  Acceptance House Sober Living offers 6 creative addition recovery activities that can help to strengthen your sobriety.

6 Creative Addition Recovery Activities to Strengthen Sobriety

Writing/Journaling: Channeling and writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions is an important part of the beginning stages of sobriety. If you found the process cathartic, try taking a creative writing workshop or simply journaling every day.

Drawing: If it’s hard to put your words down on paper try expressing them through a drawing. Whether its comics, real life, nature, illustration or anything in between, just put your pencil to the paper and express yourself through drawing.

Painting: Like drawing, painting comes in many forms and styles. Whether its paint by numbers, watercolor, freehand or in a class you’re taking for fun, a creative outlet is an important part of your sobriety journey.

Learn a Language: If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to Spain, Italy, Greece or any other magnificent country, get the most out of your experience there by learning the native language! While challenging, this creative addiction recovery outlet will afford you a lifetime of knowledge.

Pickup an Instrument: For those who are more musically driven, learning a new instrument is a fun and positive creative recovery outlet. It can be as simple as a keyboard or as complex as a guitar. No matter what you choose, the goal is for you to be focused, driven and having fun!

Become a DIYer: Not everyone is interested in the traditional creative outlets of writing, drawing or playing an instrument, but don’t be discouraged! If you’re good with your hands and have an eye for design you can look up videos on YouTube and become a DIYer. From painting walls to staining & reviving old furniture or installing new flooring, there’s so many ways to express yourself creatively.

Importance of Hobbies in Recovery

The best part about sobriety is that you have your whole life ahead of you to try new hobbies and activities! Whether you’re a creative, a thrill seeker, a travel enthusiast or a homebody, there are endless options to explore. We encourage you to always push and challenge yourself, you’ll soon learn you are capable of much more than you realize!

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