25 Jun 2021

Sober Living Facilities vs. Rehabilitation Center

Acceptance House Sober Living House vs Rehabilitation CenterThe road to sobriety starts with the single step to decide, once and for all, to turn away from drugs & alcohol and start a new clean, sober life. But after that, what’s next? There are a wide variety of programs to choose from to start your recovery journey including detox, residential treatment program, general outpatient, addiction therapy and meetings. The option you select will depend on your level of addiction, success in the detox program and flexibility in your work/life schedule. After you’ve completed one or more of those programs you can transition to sober living housing to re-learn structure, accountability and how to fit back into society. Acceptance House Sober Living highlights below the main differentiations between a sober living home and a rehabilitation center so you can make the best choice for your long-term treatment plan.

Differences Between Sober Living & Treatment Facility

Rehabilitation Treatment Center: A treatment facility is the first step on your path to sobriety. Using therapy, medication and holistic practices you will dig deep to find the root of your addiction. Once that has been identified, counselors will create a custom treatment plan to help you overcome it. Your family will also become involved in order to heal on all levels and move forward on a clean slate. Finally, many insurance providers cover a portion of the cost for your stay. If you do not have insurance, learn how you can still cover the cost of rehabilitation.

Sober Housing: Your move to transitional housing happens after you’ve completed your treatment program and while it is not mandatory it is highly encouraged. Sober success rates improve dramatically when patients transition from treatment to sober living before stepping back into the outside world. These homes are structured like a private, residential home and offer many of the comforts and privacy you would expect. Here, you will find support, re-learn important life skills and independent living. Sober living homes are very accessible and usually covered through insurance.

Sobriety Housing in Bucks County, PA

Acceptance House Sober Living offers all-male and all-female recovery housing throughout Bucks County, PA and Southern NJ. Our homes offer a sober, comfortable and supportive place for those in the early stages of recovery. To learn a little bit about your life at our housing, check out some common rules & regulations you can expect. For more information or any questions about our transitional housing, call 856-465-7310.

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