07 Jun 2021

Structured Sober Living Home Success Strategies

Acceptance House Sober Living Sober Living Home Success StrategiesThere are hundreds of sober housing facilities in Philadelphia PA, Bucks County PA and Southern NJ alone, making it difficult to know if you’re choosing the best one for your specific long-term recovery plan. It is important to work with your addiction treatment center and do your own research to ensure the program contains the qualities you’re seeking to ensure your success.  Acceptance House Sober Living is proud to offer much more than a place to stay during your transition from rehabilitation back to the outside world. We offer many sober home success strategies and proven results for our residents’ long-term sobriety.

Acceptance House Sober Living: 8 Success Strategies

We are a strictly drug & alcohol free environment and all residents are subject to random drug testing.  

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Attendance of weekly meetings, a 12 step program and therapy sessions have proven to be extremely helpful in the long-term sobriety success of our tenants.

Securing a relationship with a sponsor keeps you accountable for your actions. This also ensures you always have someone who understands your journey to lean on when you need them most.

When you obtain employment it gives you structure, which lends towards an easier transition back to normal life once your stay is complete.

Each of our homes throughout Bucks County PA and Southern NJ are run by clean, responsible house managers who are dedicated to helping you stay on your path of sobriety.

Living with a strict curfew and sign in & out sheets keep our residents accountable for their whereabouts and helps to make smarter decisions as to not jeopardize their recovery process.

Structured similar to a private residence, offering quality amenities in our all-male or all-female homes gives our residents a strong feeling of comfort and privacy. Amenities include single beds, Wi-Fi, cable TV, computer, washer/dryer and more.

Prime locations near employment opportunities, shopping plazas, public transportation centers and weekly meeting locations keep our residents on track with fewer excuses available to fall off of their program track.

Transitional Home Rules for Long-Term Sobriety

Although every sober living home has their own set of rules & regulations, these are made to ensure the success of our residence. Sober home success strategies are based on accountability, structure and self-care. We offer several transitional houses in Levittown PA, Bristol PA, Croydon PA and Southern NJ fit with all of the amenities, modern appliances and a supportive staff. If you or a loved one has completed a treatment program and they’re looking to take the next step on their sobriety journey, call us today at 856-465-7310.

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